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Enterprise management system is able to help enterprise managers to improve work efficiency, rather than increase their burden. No complicated flow design, no complicated form design, etc. Enterprise management software attaches great importance to the comprehensiveness of system functions, the controllability of processes, the advancement of technology, and the ease of use of the system.
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As the name suggests

an enterprise management system is a set of systems, but it is not only a system, but also the concretization and logic of management theory and management experience, and the implementation of management behavior, because the process of enterprise management software design and development is research.

The most advanced management models and processes in this industry are even more effective management laws that have been proven by most companies. These management experiences have been connoted in the ideas, processes, report contents, statistical analysis projects, management levels, and information decision-making of management software. bingo.
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Enterprise management system can improve work efficiency for enterprises and provide efficient information processing in a timely manner, but enterprises are also worried about the security of the system, so what problems should be paid attention to when choosing an enterprise management system? The following is the experience of a software company.

Operation authority setting
Users of different positions in different departments in the enterprise can set different operation permissions. For example, ordinary salesmen can only see their own customer information, contract orders, accounts receivable, expenses and other data, while the sales department director or office director can only see , branch managers can see the relevant data of their team members, bosses and sales directors can see all the data; sales staff can not see and use the functions and data related to procurement; and vice versa.

Data automatic backup
It can be set to automatically backup at a fixed time every day. The system automatically packs and backs up all data in the backup directory of the server hard disk , one backup file per day, and can store as many backup files as you like according to the size of the hard disk. Usually, you only need to backup from the server hard disk frequently The insurance factor can be increased by copying the backup files using a U disk or mobile hard disk in the directory.
System Features broadcast

Comprehensibility refers to the system attributes of the degree of difficulty for users to recognize the structure, function, logic, concept, application scope, interface, etc. of the system. This feature requires that all documents formed during the development of the system have concise, consistent, easy-to-understand language and unambiguous sentences. Including publicity materials should be realistic and concise, rather than over-packaging; function names, icons, prompt information, etc. should be direct, clear, unambiguous, and easy to understand, so that users can know what it is doing at a glance, rather than guessing its role.

Easy To Learn
Ease of learning refers to the system attribute of how easy it is for users to learn system applications (operation control, input, and output). This feature requires that the content of the user documentation provided is detailed, clear in structure and accurate in language; it requires the user to understand at a glance after entering the operation interface, to be able to intuitively and easily find the function menu that he wants to use, to complete the operation conveniently, and to hide deeply hidden functions. It is not easy to be found and cannot be used; it is not advisable to provide too many operation functions in the business function screen to dazzle the operator, abandon the stacking of irrelevant information, and the simple interface can highlight the powerful functions; the prompt information for operation or handling errors is clear , Don’t say it in vain, which makes users very distressed.