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Installing Internal Cd And Dvd Drive?


Master should be selected if this will be the only device on a single IDE cable or if it is the second device to be connected and the other device is Step 5 Depending on the CPU case, installing a CD Drive to a system varies. Answer this question Flag as... Once the drive is in position insert one of the fixing screws halfway in but do not tighten it yet.

Thanks for letting us know. Note there are 3 connections and also notice the difference in distance between the connectors. If you are replacing it with another IDE device then leave the cable attached to the motherboard ready for the new device. Chase Dizzie 63 500 kuvamist 7:02 Gaming PC Building Tutorial - Installing Hard Drive + DVD Drive - Kestus: 2:56.

How To Install Dvd Drive On Pc

The CPU casing wasn't opened at all)

There are 2 cables. Töö käib ... The method for opening the case will vary depending upone the case.

Blu-Ray drives allow you to watch Blu-Ray HD movies and read Blu-Ray data discs, and all Blu-Ray drives also read DVDs. Slide these rails on the slot you selected. For Seniors: Contact Microsoft Customer Support Finding Large Files on Your PC Load more ComputersPCsHow to Install an Internal CD/DVD Drive in Your Computer How to Install an Internal CD/DVD Drive How To Install Dvd Drive In Laptop Most computers may have the CD drive residing on the system as a secondary drive, with the hard drive as the first.

Ensure that you are inserting the drive right-side up. 8 Secure the drive. How To Connect Dvd Drive To Motherboard Next take the screws that came with your CD/DVD Writer and secure the device so it is flush with the front of your case (fig 1.5). If you are using the Windows operating system go to My Computer and you should see your new drive there.

EasyPcRepairs 53 707 kuvamist 8:06 How to Install an Optical Drive(DVD/CD Player) - Kestus: 2:15.

Selection is done by means of a jumper, the option you choose will depend on any other IDE devices you have installed and their respective settings. How To Connect Dvd Drive To Motherboard Sata Connecting the IDE cables The next step is to attach the IDE and power cables (fig 1.6) The power cable (fig 1.7) will only fit one way so you won't put Both of them only fit one way -- the right way. 3Remove the old drive, if necessary, by unplugging its power and data cables, unscrew the drive from the case or Why?

How To Connect Dvd Drive To Motherboard

If you're adding a second IDE drive, set its jumper to Slave.If you're installing a SATA drive, jump to the following step. 5Attach rails to your DVD drive, if your case If this is the case, the rails will need to be attached to each side of the drive before inserting it in the case. 7 Slide the drive in from the How To Install Dvd Drive On Pc Up Next Article Should You Get a CD, DVD or Blu-ray Drive With Your PC? How To Install Cd Drive In Laptop If you don't have thumbscrews, you will need a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Jumpers are used to configure certain devices including optical drives. check over here Be careful not to disconnect any other components, such as your hard drive, or your computer will not boot up. 10 Connect the power supply to the drive. wikiHow Contributor Assuming the installation went well, it's very simple. This interface allows two devices on a single cable. Install Dvd Drive Windows 7

If you are installing an external drive, plug it into your computer via USB and skip down to the next section. 2 Open the case. What can we do? More From Us List Intro and Power Down List Intro and Powering Down List Installing a Second IDE Hard Drive List Intro and Powering Down List Intro and Opening the Case If you are using rails, make sure that the drive is inserted all the way and clips into place. 9 Connect the SATA port to your motherboard.

If the drive is going to be on its own cable, plug the IDE cable into the motherboard and one of the other connectors of the cable into the CD/DVD drive.

Cd Drive Installation Software Flag as... Some may be screwed into the case.

4 Setting the IDE Drive Mode Set the Drive Mode with the Jumpers. ©Mark Kyrnin The majority of all CD and DVD drives for

What can I do?

It's a common problem, that should fix it. If the CPU case has a drive cage, slide the drive to the slot. Be sure to fasten the cover or panel back to the case using the screws that were set aside when the cover was removed.

10 Powering up the Computer Plug the Dvd Drive Power Cable You may be asked to restart your computer after installation. 3 Install any packaged programs, such as burning or media playback software.

Most operating systems will automatically detect your new DVD drive. Consult the documentation or diagrams on the drive for the location and settings for the drive.

If the CD/DVD drive is going to be installed on an existing cable, the drive Flag as... weblink GuruBrew 36 820 kuvamist 4:50 How to build a computer - Kestus: 30:56.

The two most common methods for installing a drive into a case is either through drive rails or directly into the drive cage.

Rails: Place the drive rails onto the side A 3-pin Molex connector should be available from the power supply. Yes No Cookies make wikiHow better. note: Disconnect the power and remove your PC's cover, see our guide.

One end of the small two-wire cable with a standard connector attached to the PC’s motherboard or audio card is to be plugged into the back of the drive labeled as