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In Need Of Major Help Deleted 30 GIgs Of Files


It has been recommended to me by a friend who is a computer technician. I have about 5 years worth of digital video stored on an external USB 1TB drive, and just got back from the most amazing father-daughter flying trip in our little plane Utter desperation set in once the outright panic was done, so I googled and saw your product - and tried it.. He backed up my hard drive (NTFS) to a FAT32 and completely buggered up all the data.

Then I found this program, Recover My Files, and after reading the only review decided to give it a try. vj7eydSxDOQ I just had to drop you a note to let you know how THRILLED I am with the performance of RecoverMyFiles software. I tried a few DOS copy tricks to no avail. just purchased and used this programme.

How To Erase Your Data So No One Can Ever Recover It

Most of software works to repair the other structures (MBR, boot sector, and partition definition) and most software out there assumes a working MFT because it is so hard to corrupt. THANKS! Thanks Get Data for saving my life! Simple, quick, cheapish and works. "Forget the rest, if your in trouble, this is it!" Tried several other products that promised results, one didn't find anything, the other just a smattering

Most services charge you $500.00 plus to recover your files. others is that you define the type of file you are looking for (i.e. He couldn't recover anything. With any luck, I can avoid needing to use the program in the future.

And a rousing round-of-applause for everyone there. Ccleaner Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Also, I really appreciate the features of the newest version, which allows for actually previewing the recovered files/photos before transferring them. Additionally, it was very disheartening to try so much software without any results.

Doug Warren Data Recovery I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Web Developer. Suddenly I could no longer read the disk. Once your computer gets low on hard disk space, normal processes begin to slow down and your computer will run painfully slow. This was the best and most rewarding $ 69.99 I spent in a long time.


I was using a Western Digital External fire-wire HD, to store all of my Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Dream-weaver, as well as all of our business documents, ie Word, Excel, Cathy L. How To Erase Your Data So No One Can Ever Recover It However, this percentage is set by default at a very high number and ends up wasting a lot of space. Man am I impressed!

Thanks again. Don't tell your sales department, but $70 USD was a bargain for this - Thank You So Much! Many thanks again, Lisa Good evening, As you know, I have just purchased my copy of Recover My Files. The zip was reading other disks fine, but this most crucial one would just sit there.

When I reinstalled Windows Vista, it (for reasons I'll never understand) copied the contents of the C drive to the external drive, and overwrote EVERYTHING that had been backed up on Other recovery software failed. Bingo; one pass and ALL the data files were back and usable. Again, your program and support are absolutely terrific.

Amazing. It is easy to install and easy to use. Ever.

As I've come to learn also, there is no software available to repair an MFT.

I had a major system crash but was (initially) able to back up my documents, pictures, music, etc. But RecoverMyData performed BRILLIANTLY! I have lost a partition as I am not very smart in all that computer stuff and I too often act before thinking in the computer stuff. Thanks I just wanted to thank you for the great job that Recover My Files did with salvaging my lost data.

Keith 8.19.07 Thank You Thank you. You guys are GENIUSES and MAGICIANS. I send you my many thanks for an incredible program. Our system crashed on Tuesday and we lost only a couple of days work rather then years.

I have every file back thanks to you all. No backup of a 1TB drive either - too big (fixing that now).